Our Immersion Schools - Feeder Patterns


Davis School District school boundaries and this feeder pattern are subject to change periodically as we adjust for population changes and the opening of new schools.     

* Odyssey Elementary students who live east of Redwood Road will attend South Davis Jr. High.  Students who live west of Redwood Road will attend Mueller Park Jr. High. 
**Spanish immersion students from Farmington Jr. will attend Viewmont High until the new high school is complete.  They will attend High School #10 when it opens. VHS Senior Bridge students, will "magnet" to High School #10 for the Bridge course.   
***Lincoln Elementary is home to the only two-way dual immersion school in Davis District.  Two-way is a distinctive form of dual language education in which balanced numbers of native English speakers and native speakers of the partner language are integrated for instruction so that both groups of students serve in the role of language model and language learner at different times.