At Davis School District, our goal to ensure all students are career or college-ready and increasingly, this means ensuring they will be able to communicate effectively in another language and navigate seamlessly between a variety of cultures.


Successfully acquiring a second language requires a long, sequential course of study that focuses on student language production.  Unlike foreign language classrooms of the past, grammar drills and vocabulary list memorization are not the focus of our programs. We focus on proficiency, because that is what students need. 


We are proud to offer both traditional secondary programs and K-12 immersion programs.  The goal of both is language proficiency at a level which will enable our students to compete globally and contribute to our global society in a positive way.

Welcome incoming 7th graders!

The transition from elementary immersion to secondary can be a challenge. 

This video will help

Project-Based Language Learning Seminar

Ingrid Campos and Fermin Soriano, our high school Spanish Bridge teachers, will share their experience and knowledge of PBLL with our teachers.  Click here to learn more about this seminar that begins in September.