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Competition Rules
Math Competition
Science Competition
Visual Arts Competition
Chinese Character Writing
  • 2nd & 3rd Grade
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  • Middle School
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Performance Exhibitions

2nd Annual National Chinese

Math - Science - Art Competition

The United States’ K-12 Confucius Institutes, in conjunction with College Board and Hanban, cordially invite your students to compete in the 2nd Annual National Chinese Math, Science, & Arts Competition.  At the time of the competition, competitors must be 2nd grade to 12th grade students of Chinese who have first won a local competition.  Information and materials needed to run your local competition will be provided upon registration. 

Each Confucius Institute in the United States can send up to 20 participants. Chinese Immersion schools and other schools with strong Chinese programs can send up to 10 participants.


Each category is limited to only 64 participants, so early registration is strongly encouraged.  For complete information and to register




  1. Determine the categories your students will compete in.

    • Science (immersion students only)

    • Math (immersion students only)

    • Chinese Character Writing

    • Visual Arts

    • Performing Arts – Exhibition only


  1. Identify the ages/grades of your competitors.

    (Confucius Institutes can sponsor up to 20 students, schools

    can sponsor up to 10.)


  1. Register online - click button on the right.


  1. Receive materials & information to host a local competition.


  1. Schedule and host a local competition to determine your top students.


  1. Make travel arrangements for competitors and chaperones.


  1. Practice. Practice. Practice.


  1. Compete in Utah in February 2018!