National Chinese

Math & Science Competition

Ten Davis County Chinese Immersion students recently competed in the first annual National Chinese Math & Science Competition and came home with 12 medals!  The ten students attend Stewart Elementary, Centerville Junior High, Muir Elementary, Syracuse Elementary, and Heritage Elementary are between the ages of 8 and 13. Each has been acquiring Chinese since kindergarten and won the chance to compete nationally by winning at the school level and then at the district level.  The competition in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was on January 27th & January 28th, 2017.

Approximately 50 students from Ohio, Utah, Florida, Texas, and Nevada competed. Elementary and secondary Chinese immersion students competed in the math competition and the science competition where they demonstrated their impressive understanding of science and math and their ability to speak Chinese.

The Davis Students who attended are:

Stella Wadsworth, 7th grade, Centerville Junior High

Dashel Cutler, 4rd grade, Heritage Elementary

Tanner Merrill, 3rd grade, Syracuse Elementary

Landen Merrill, 6th grade, Syracuse Elementary

Tate Johnson, 6th grade, Syracuse Elementary

Zachary Madsen, 3rd grade, Syracuse Elementary

Dre Scott, 4th grade, Muir Elementary

Elizabeth Williams, 5th grade, Muir Elementary

Emilyn Watkins, 5th grade, Muir Elementary

Kaylee Simon, 5th grade, Muir Elementary


Stella Wadsworth placed first in the middle school science competition and second in the middle school math competition.  In the 2nd & 3rd grade division of the science competition, Davis students dominated the winners’ circle.  Zachary Madsen placed first; Dashel Cutler and Tanner Merrill tied for 2nd.   In the 2nd & 3rd grade division of the math competition, Davis was again wildly successful.  Tanner Merrill placed 1st, Dre Scott placed 2nd, Zachary Madsen and Dashel Cutler tied for 3rd.  In the 4th & 5th grade science competition, Emilyn Watkins placed 1st, Lizzie Williams placed 2nd, and Tate Johnson placed 3rd. 


This competition was held on the beautiful campus of Pompano Beach High School and was held in conjunction with the school’s impressive biannual International Summit.  Students from China, France, Haiti, Brazil, Poland, Ireland, Egypt, and France were all in attendance. 

The local and national competitions were sponsored by College Board and the Confucius Institute.  The mission of the Confucius Institute is to further the understanding of Chinese language and culture and encourage student exchange visits with partner schools in China.   The Confucius Institute at Davis School District was established in 2012.  Our director, Bonnie Flint, worked for over a year to make her dream of a nationwide Chinese competition a reality.  The event showcased the Chinese language and culture, and demonstrated its strong ties to better preparing students for the 21st century’s global economy.  Students who emerge from our district’s K-12 programs with strong math and science skills, as well as a high level of Chinese language and culture proficiency will be uniquely prepared for the future. 

The 2018 National Chinese Math & Science Competition, hosted by the Confucius Institute at Davis School District, will be held in Farmington, Utah.  All Confucius Institutes in the United States are invited to send their communities’ top k-12 Chinese students to the competition.